Our Approach

We create one-day crafting retreats that are affordable and offer value to you, the participant.  We try to bring new skills, techniques, and friendship to each event.  Each retreat ends with a survey so that we can better serve you and make the retreats more fun and engaging.  We hope you will leave feeling relaxed or rejuvenated after having enjoyed a day with your craft and new or old friends.

Our Story

Until creating We Knit Colorado I had not been to a knitting/crochet retreat. Every retreat I had been interested in attending was either way out of my budget or too long.  One night I looked at my husband and said "I'm going to start my own business and host knitting/crochet retreats."  He didn't believe me.  That night I started working and became more excited about this opportunity.  The next day while he was at work I created We Knit Colorado, registered the business, and started making calls for our first retreat.  Our first retreat was held 4 months later and the feedback was very positive.  I immediately began working on the next event.  It has been amazing to see such growth and interest; hopefully we will see you at a future retreat.

Stayed informed...

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