Upcoming Retreats

This is everything you need to know about upcoming retreats; when is the deadline for registration, the registration form, what do I need to bring to the retreat, etc.

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Past Retreats

Here you will find all the details of past retreats; which vendors attended, what type of yarn was in the goody bag, which tutorials were offered, etc.

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What We Do

We create affordable one-day crafting retreats.  Since starting We Knit Colorado in 2016, we have held two retreats.  One in Fort Collins in August of 2016 and the other at the Cherry Creek Reservoir in April of 2017.  Both of these retreats were focused on knitting and crocheting but 2018 will bring a new craft to our retreats, quilting!

What makes our retreats so special?

  • Our retreats are always affordable and we always offer early-bird discounts.
  • We try to include new skills at each retreat either through classes or tutorials.
  • Classes are always optional and are offered at an additional fee.
  • We strive for high value with the content of the tutorials (which are always included with your registration fee), items in the goody bags, and that you feel taken care of throughout the day.
  • We work with local, home dyers, spinners, and farms to provide beautiful fiber for you to shop.


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